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Standard Axle Size:
Custom Hub Face (inches):
Custom Spring Center (inches):
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Bolt Pattern:
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Springs & U-Bolt Kit:

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AXLE 3" x 1/4" Wall Round Tubing. Available in Straight and 4" Drop.


Idler Hubs and Hub/Drums Available with Different 8 Bolt Circles.


12" x 2" Electric is Standard and Hydraulic Brakes are Available as an Option.


Type 42 With Inner Journal Dimension of 1 3/4" and an Outer Journal Dimension of 1 1/4".


Grease. Ultralube is Available as an Option.

SPRING TYPE Eye to Eye or Slipper Springs Available
SPRING LENGTH (inches) Eye to Eye = 25-1/4". Slipper = 29"
LEAVES (qty.) 6
SPRING SEATS Welded But Can Be Left Loose Upon Request
SEAL SIZE 2-1/8"
Inner Bearing Size (inches) 1-3/4"
Outer Bearing Size (inches) 1-1/4"


Allow a minimum overhang of 14" for 7000 lb. Straight Axles

and 17" for 7000 lb. Drop Axles.


How to Measure Bolt Pattern:




The following are Standard Axle Sizes, Any Other Measurements Will Be A $10 Charge.

75" Hub Face, 58" Spring Center

86" Hub Face, 70" Spring Center

89" Hub Face, 74" Spring Center

95" Hub Face, 80" Spring Center

96" Hub Face, 82" Spring Center


*Hub Face can not exceed 97".

Please allow 5 to 7 business days for shipment for Standard Axles.

Please allow 10 busineess days for shipment for Custom Axles.


*Please Specify Your Hub Face And Spring Center In 1" Increments.